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Investing in the needs of today and the goals of tomorrow.


Live4ward Ventures is a real estate development firm with a primary focus in the urban infill landscape. We invest in both residential and commercial projects, developing places to live and work that bring people together to cultivate communities for the 21st century.

Live4ward Ventures has taken a fresh approach to investing in real estate and the marketplace by evaluating community needs and incorporating them into every project that we participate in. Specializing in urban infill commercial and residential projects, we believe that we have a responsibility to build and develop an economic, social and environmentally sound product that not only serves the community in which it is based, but gives back to the people in these areas. Our footprint provides resources needed while strengthening the fabric of a community for future generations to come.




Scott Kilkenny

Scott has worked in the oil and gas industry as an executive working on the acquisition and growth of a start-up company of enterprise value of $100 million to over $100 billion in 18 years. His experience included running and managing complex groups and deals, permitting and building difficult new construction projects, working on complex legal and regulatory issues and developing new business and the talent to run it.

Kyle Ballew

Kyle has been in the construction industry for 15 years and has managed over $30 million in projects over the last 7 years.  He has experience in wrapping the Real Estate and Construction worlds together to manage a project with both quality and return on investment in mind to maximize profit and efficiency.   

Todd Kilkenny

Todd Kilkenny

As Chief Financial Officer, Todd handles all accounting, budgeting and tax matters for Live Forward.  Todd has over 15 years of experience in the financial sector and has an attention to detail that serves Live Forward well when it comes to building models and knowing our investment structure inside and out.  Todd also has extensive experience with construction budgeting and finance that helps to wrap the package from both the investor and developer background.

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